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<i>Natural Affair</I> Vinyl LP + Cassette

Natural Affair Vinyl LP + Cassette

$ 10.00

Natural Affair 

Early bird pricing / first pressing pre-order for The Growlers' sixth studio album, Natural Affair.
Produced by Brooks Nielsen and Matt Taylor for Beach Goth Records and Tapes.
To be delivered sometime in December 2019 or January 2020. No promises but we will try so hard for a Christmas Miracle.


    1. Natural Affair

    2. Long Hot Night (Halfway to Certain)

    3. Pulp of Youth

    4. Social Man

    5. Foghorn Town

    6. Shadow Woman

    7. Truly

    8. Tune Out

    9. Coinstar

    10. Stupid Things

    11. Try Hard Fool

    12. Die and Live Forever

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